Powerful Long Ladder/Holy Trinity Cultural Arts

Who We Are


Powerful Long Ladder," in collaboration with "Holy Trinity Cultural Arts Center," embraces the belief that theatrical arts hold transformative potential.

The Consortium brings light to the social and diverse culture of our community, strengthening our residents to bridge borders through engagement, educational exploration and leadership development of the arts.

This Consortium will be a proving ground for excellence in collaborative programming through innovative approaches, while at the same time remaining relevant and diverse in our cultural experiences that both reflect and expand the community's interests.

The mission of this Consortium is for the Arts to make theatrical, dramatic, thought provoking visual and performing arts available to urban centers across our city; to become a creative force and an educational resource for the community; and to harness and build upon legacy and the economic vitality of the arts.

“Divine Intervention” is how Pastor Dr. Andrew D. Clark of Holy Trinity C.O.G.I.C. describes the collaboration with Powerful Long Ladder. “We were in need of assistance with our artistic outreach and Terrence was in need of a home to showcase his productions. The timing couldn’t be better for this collaboration.”

Upcoming Productions

Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill

Starring  Ms. Marissa Davis, reprising her role as Billie Holiday along with Cleveland musicians Ed Ridley and Bradford McGhee.  

In the News